Our stalls are rented out by the metre to stallholders who set up and stock their stalls when necessary. We do the sales part. That means you don't need to stand in your stall, handle the money or serve customers. Isn't that incredible?

We support stallholders who stock unique items in the hope that there is no repetition in other stalls. We aim for our stallholders to attract return customers to their stalls and that they will develop a successful business in our market.


So if you are a creator or sell top quality items which might appeal to our curated market, give us a call on 5981 0023 or even better, pop in and say hello and so that we can discuss options with you.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Plants

  • Wine sales (with an off site license)

  • Body products, lotions and potions

  • Revamped furniture


We also have space for: 

  • a masseur

  • art exhibitions

  • a patchwork store

  • Beauty technicians

  • A pop-up shop

Browse below for some of our current business successes...


Unique handmade and vintage jewellery


New and vintage books

for all ages


Items made locally with love


Stunning gifts for the

difficult to please


Gorgeous vintage and designer clothing

Local produce

Jams, ciders and all

sorts of surprises!

Local artists

Jenny Wood and Sarah Morrow are amongst our talented stallholders


Creatively and lovingly

home grown


Comics, coins, books...

you name it


Restored, upcycled, antique, vintage and unusual.


Vintage and interesting toys for collectors and children

The unexpected

Stalls change constantly. Watch out for surprises!

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