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Our stalls are rented out by the square metre to stallholders who set up and stock their stalls when necessary. We do the sales part and pay our sellers monthly. That means you don't need to stand in your stall, handle the money or serve customers. Isn't that incredible?

Our market is fully curated so your success in having your own stall depends on what goodies you have to sell. We don't like too much repetition, which gives our customers a unique and interesting experience.
You may need to wait on the waiting list or there may be a spot available for you right now. Be patient because we are usually fully booked and you can expect at least a short wait. Good things are worth waiting for right? 
So if you are a creator or sell top quality items which might appeal to our customers, complete the form below.

If you want to chat, give us a call on 5981 0023 or even better, pop in and say hello, check what others are selling and we can discuss options with you...


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Apply for a stall
Have you had or currently got a stall elsewhere?
What size stall are you hoping for (approx)?

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, feel free to call in for a chat!

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